Welcome to the Hydroponic section of HealthSmartLiving.com.  As you may know I previously ran a blog exclusively dedicated to hydroponics (CaptainHydroponics.com) but decided to create a blog that covered a wider range of topics. 

I’ve moved all of the articles from the old site to HealthSmartLiving.com and setup this page to help orientate you to what’s available.  I’m continuing to write about hydroponics but I hope you check out my nutrition, cooking, and other healthy living topics.


Chris Wimmer

Where to get started about learning about hydroponics:

Hydroponic Library – This is a series of articles covering all the basics of hydroponics.  It’s basically an ebook broken down into small individual topics.

Hydroponic Product Reviews – I’ve used a lot of different products.  Some good and some not so good.  Look here to get my take.

Do-It-Yourself projects:

Cheap homemade hydroponic system

Homemade Grow Light – DIY

How to Guides:

2014 Spring Planting Guide

How to make nutrient solution

How to start seeds using rockwool

Growing lettuce indoors with a lettuce raft

Grow microgreens