The Uncomfortable True about Comfort Food

comfort food myth

What’s your go to comfort food? According to a recent show on the Food Network, pizza, french fries, and fried chicken are American’s favorite comfort foods. While nutritionally unhealthy, people eat their favorite comfort food seeking mental and emotional support from their sinful splurge. If only done occasionally, what can be the harm as it’s Continue Reading

Sleep Smoothie

sleep smoothie

Sleep is a critical and often under appreciated aspect of personal health. Most people don’t struggle to sleep on a nightly basis but we all go through periods where sleeping can be a challenge. This can be due to work, personal commitments, or maybe being excited for an up coming event. The next time you are having a couple bad nights of rest Continue Reading

Make a Dried Fruit Smoothie

strawberry orange smoothie

Smoothies are a great delicious way to eat healthy in our ‘on the go’ world. With just a little planning you can make one or two smoothies in just five minutes in the morning. I’ve even beat my coffee pot sometimes. Today, I wanted to share a way to tie together a couple of my new favorite passions: Smoothies and Food Dehydrating. If you haven’t Continue Reading