What’s the Difference between Juicing and Smoothies?

Juicing vs Smoothies

If you are relatively new to the world of raw foods, it can be difficult to determine whether you should juice or make your own smoothies.  Both methods of consuming your favorite fruits and vegetables are incredibly popular but I find many people still use the terms interchangeable which is unfortunate as there are unique pros and cons to Continue Reading

Spicy Kale Chips

Spicy Kale Chips

As much as I try, I also end up having some leftover produce from juicing. One night it will be cucumbers, the next will be lemons. Well last night we had a lot of Kale left. I previously used some extra Kale to make an awesome Kale Fried Rice but today I made Kale Chips. Spicy Kale chips are quick and easy to make and offer you a great nibbler for Continue Reading

Broiled Salmon with Blueberry Basil Sauce

Broiled Salmon with Blueberry Basil Sauce

I love salmon. I love blueberries. And I love using basil. So it only makes sense to combine them together in Broiled Salmon with Blueberry Basil Sauce. I’ve previously shared my Salmon with Jalapeno Ponzu and Broiled Salmon with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce but what I really like about this recipe is what I learned along the way. It should make for Continue Reading

Juicer Reviews

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Buying a juicer can be a bit overwhelming as there are well over 100 juicers currently on the market. I have written dozens of juicer reviews so I felt it was time to summarize just the best juicers into a single location on Health Smart Living. The great thing about making a short list is that they are all good buys. The list of top juicers also Continue Reading

3 Day Juice Cleanse Plan

3 day juice cleanse

The 3 day juice cleanse plan is a great simple way to dextox and cleanse your body. A 3 day juice cleanse is the most popular length of cleanse as it allows your body multiple days ‘cycles’ to remove all the built up toxins yet is short enough to complete over a long weekend. What is a Juice Cleanse A juice cleanse is an all liquid diet of Continue Reading